Friday, December 14, 2018

For Schools

The track and facilities are very widely used for schools activities.

Many schools both primary and secondary develop their pupils through the training sessions they put on both within their curriculum and indeed also extra-curriculum. In a lot of cases the schools utilise external coaches to deliver the actual sessions and we from Norman Park Track Management can help in the sourcing of coaches for these events.

The Bromley Primary Schools hold their borough-wide track and field rounds and championships for the many primary schools in the borough. These are categorised for Large, Medium and Small schools such is the number of participating schools. This championship is supported extensively by the local track & field club Blackheath & Bromley Harriers, one of the foremost clubs in the country.

Secondary school district track and field championships are held at Norman Park with top placed athletes going on to the Kent Schools Championship, as part of the quest to compete at the prestigious annual English Schools Track and Field Championship.

A large number of secondary schools within the borough now old their annual School Sports days at Norman Park.

Schools activities attract a special rate for track hire.